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    Steps to Follow in Order to Get Your Motorcycle Licence in UK

    Posted by on June 17, 2013 | Categories: Blog

    dvlaIn order for you to ride your motorcycle on any public road in the UK, you need a licence. Public roads in this country are those that the Environment and Regions, Department of Transport and Local Authority account for. The department of Environment is largely responsible for maintaining public roads in Northern Ireland.
    There are two types of licences for motorcycles in the UK namely, Provisional licenses and Full licences. However, in order to acquire them you need to register your motorcycle first since registration allows you to ride it legally on public roads in the UK by giving evidence of the payment of fees and taxes that you have made.
    Registration of your motorcycle in the UK is mandatory when you have just bought it, altered, rebuilt or built it or imported it.

    Registration of your motorcycle requires completion of the relevant application forms and hence, you should complete them before sending them to the DVLA office in your locality. However, since the aforementioned circumstances largely determine the kind of forms that you are supposed to fill, you should call the Dvla helpline for more information if you are not sure.

    The DVLA may not register your motorcycle if you rebuild or alter it radically or if it is new, classic, imported, vintage or a kit type. When you buy a new motorcycle, the dealer is largely responsible for arranging for its registration. However, you should follow the necessary procedure if you have altered, rebuilt or built or imported it.
    Nowadays, online submission of new applications, renewals, and requests for refunds is not only possible but also quicker and hence, you do not need to use the post office for renewing your motorcycle tax disc.

    In order for you to make use of motorways and public roads in the UK, you must tax your motorcycle and display the tax disc while you are riding it. The UK authorities can confiscate your motorcycle and fine you a certain amount of money according to the law if you fail to display a valid UK tax disc for it.

    When the time for renewing the tax disc for your motorcycle arrives, the DVLA office or post office will often have long queues. You will therefore waste a lot of time by queuing again if you do not fill out the forms correctly or carry all the essential documents. Fortunately, online renewal can help you to avoid this inconvenience because it enables you to make the necessary application from your laptop while on holiday, from your office or the comfort of your home. You can start renewing the tax disc for your motorcycle from the 5th day of the month that its expiry is scheduled to occur and the DVLA accepts the final submissions one day before it expires.

    Online renewal of your tax disc is possible nowadays because all you need to do is use the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). However, you must be the registered keeper of the motorcycle in order for you to submit the necessary application. You should call the DVLA helpline for more information about the essential details that you need to be aware of before you start the process.

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